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Bilingual Jobs welcomes you to our bilingual jobs postings. Our bilingual personnel agency has been providing French English placement services to Toronto and GTA firms for over 20 years. We are recognized by many as the finest French English recruitment specialists in Canada.

Candidate Expectations

The great relationships we build with our candidates stems from our empathy of their needs and desires. We are always accessible to you. Our calls are never screened and we always follow-up on presentations before and after interviews. Your no-obligation inquiry will be handled in the strictest of confidence.

Employer Expectations

The first thing you will notice that sets us apart is the efficiency used in gathering pertinent information regarding core competencies and soft skills. The precious time you spend up front will enable us to locate the right candidate and save enormous amounts of your time during the interview phase. The other noticeable difference is in our representation of candidates. Our fact based, honest and ethical approach will instill the trust required for long term relationships. We will not misrepresent candidates and we will not recruit from clients.
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