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What is the posting process and the fees involved?

To post a job, an employer may register and submit their position to our administrator. A 30 day job posting is $199.99 plus applicable taxes.

Why should I consider using a professional placement service?

While it is possible for an employer to directly locate good personnel, it is definitely not easy. The bilingual market is one that is currently fully employed and candidates are not answering advertisements or actively seeking employment.

A good placement firm will proactively and confidentially sell your opportunity to secure the best candidates available. Should your search be a confidential replacement, we are the better way to go. You would not want the incumbent to find out until a satisfactory replacement has been secured. Other reasons for utilizing a professional search firm are many and include: saving advertising dollars, time and essentially shortening the hiring curve dramatically.

What are the involved costs?

Bilingual Jobs has built a reputation for efficient and cost-effective hiring as demonstrated by our repeat customers and steady referrals. We offer a very competitive fee arrangement and are negotiable for volume business tailored to your needs. Above all else, we will attempt to be as competitive as necessary to get our foot in your door. Beyond that, the results will speak for themselves.

Why should I consider Bilingual Jobs?

As you would expect from the leader in bilingual placements in the GTA, we have the largest, most experienced staff of recruitment consultants coupled with a database of active and inactive candidates that we have been building since 1983. We will work directly and personally on your assignment and eliminate the preliminary time spent in developing a short-list of candidates. You will receive the full flexibility of a contingency based search, meaning you only pay us should you hire one of our candidates while receiving the peace of mind associated with our lengthy after-hire guarantee.

What if your candidate does not work out?

We offer a three month replacement guarantee should the candidate leave or be terminated. With our vast resources, this is one guarantee that is worth the paper it is printed on. Also, there are no restrictions on this guarantee as it can be used at any time, for any position. We would also clearly state that it is our strict policy to not recruit from our client companies.

Can you satisfactorily fill my position surrounding the GTA?

Although we are located in downtown Toronto, it is simple to quickly meet and qualify candidates from either side of the GTA. We routinely fill positions within all the outlying cities and our emphasis is to source candidates within your area to assure longevity.

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